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The DVSA announced today new rules for bicycle riders, the new rules will role out with the publication of a new Highway Code in December. Becoming Law on 31st January 2020. The new rules, see changes to the existing regulations for bicycle riders.

A new schedule of rules and fines, will be implemented along with new charging standards at the OPSI and CPS for the more serious offenders. Riders will now be liable for incidents reported by the public, for misuse of their bicycles.

Cycle riders of all types, will now be liable for on the spot fines, the same as drivers of other vehicles on the United Kingdoms road network. The move comes in the face of a sharp rise in accidents involving bicycle riders and large vehicles. There has been a sharp increase in injuries on pedestrians.

Bicycle riders will now be fined if they encroach on another road users space, have an incident with a foot passenger on a public footpath or contravene the regulations in the Highway Code. Bicycle riders will also be fined for failing to allow faster moving traffic past, tractor drivers have to comply because they are driving slower moving vehicles. So should bicycle riders.

These fines are intended for use in urban areas where bicycle riders, hold back traffic, disrupt traffic flow, and disregard traffic management systems, such as red lights. Crossing over a red light or moving from road to pavement to cross red lights, will now be met with an on the spot fine of £60.00. The fines ranging from £30.00 for minor infringements to the more serious offense set at £100.

For the first time bicycle riders will have to display a registration tag, that needs to be registered with the DVSA. "From 31st January" All bicycle riders will now need to carry a valid insurance certificate, whilst riding a bicycle in the event of an accident.

The old cover of using private house insurance will no longer be in effect.

The systems at DVSA are undergoing an update that will allow the registration of a bicycle and the ANPR system is being updated to allow the issue of automatic fines. Officials state that combining the DVSA, ANPR and facial recognition systems in urban areas will allow the system to run smoothly and help to reduce the amount of serious none fatal accidents to pedestrians.

When we found this fake news article it did bring a giggle.  Share it among your friends to get them going.


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