Breaking news.Thirty Five female sailors have been airlifted from Royal Navy ships including HMS Duncan, after discovering they were pregnant while at sea, it can be revealed. The women, who were serving on some of the navy’s elite warships, either became pregnant while on duty or unknowingly conceived on shore.  One of the ships involved is the £1bn HMS Duncan, the Royal Navy’s most sophisticated destroyer which is currently heading towards the Persian Gulf to face down threats from Iran.

Iran-Backed Terror Cells ‘Ready to Strike’ UK. England Threatened With Terrorism By Iranian Intelligence Officers Close to Hezbollah. The website National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI) Report: The UK Experts Warn, Amid Crisis COBRA Meeting Today. Iran's regime is considered behind only Russia and China as the greatest threat to Britain’s security from a state actor among senior players in MI5 and MI6,

With the British Public and Government growing increasly concerned, about its property being seized by an islamic terrorist organisation from Iran. English Commanders  are making plans to send in our Astute class of Nuclear Stealth Attack Submarines.  The Astute class are the latest class of nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) in service with the Royal Navy.  The class sets a new standard for the Royal Navy in terms of weapons load, communication facilities and stealth. The Submarines have been in operation

IRAN has today branded the UK "economic terrorists" and taunted the Royal Navy with pictures of one of its seized oil tankers. Tehran's foreign minister accused Britain of being an "accessory to the economic terrorism of the US" as tensions escalated.   Photos from last week showed HMS Montrose intercepting Iranian patrol boats surrounding the UK-flagged tanker British Heritage  The UK has warned of "serious consequences" after Iran last night sparked a new Gulf crisis by seizing two British oil tankers.

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