British Police officer ‘killed’ after ‘being knocked down by car and dragged along road’ while attending burglary in Berkshire as 10 arrested including boy, 13. A POLICE officer has allegedly been murdered trying to stop a burglary last night.  He was allegedly struck by a car and dragged under the vehicle for some distance, before being hit by another car. he dead officer has been named as PC Andrew Harper, who works for the Roads Policing Proactive Unit.

MPs reconsider Brexit proposal involving second referendum

MPs reconsider Brexit proposal involving second referendum The development comes as discussions take place about the perceived need for a “government of national unity” in Britain as an alternative to the Boris Johnson government.  Talks between the two sides are currently on hold, with the UK Prime Minister insisting that Britain will exit the EU on 31 October “without or without a deal.” British Labour MP Peter Kyle, one of the key supporters of the proposal

French and English Fisherman Battle at Sea

The Royal Navy will not be able to keep out EU fishermen if No Deal Brexit happens. Due to a shortage of ships, admitted in a leaked report recovered from a leaked email.  It was mistakenly sent by the Department for the Enviroment, Food and Rural Affairs. The Royal Navy has just 12 vessels to monitor our territorial waters. Britain might be unable to stop fishermen from the EU entering British waters after a No Deal Brexit

HM Coastgaurd Rescues Migrants

30 migrants have been rescued from four small boats as they tried to cross the English Channel. The vessels - including a kayak - were brought into Dover in Kent on Friday morning. The 27 men, one woman and two children claim to be from Iran and Afghanistan, according to Sky News. They are all well, and are set to be interviewed by immigration officials. Home Office spokesman said that a Border Force cutter and a coastal patrol vessel (CPV) were scrambled to intercept the boats.

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