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Should anyone who has been part of their own care proceedings, be allowed to work for Social Services?  We can prove that there are Social Workers and managers, currently employed by councils around the UK, who have had their own children taken into care or have been part of their own care proceedings.

Who have then been trusted and been employed by councils to provide an accurate, truthful, evidence based report to a family court, who are trying to make the decision to remove a child or leave it to exist in a family, that they are tasked with assessing.

Should anyone who has had their children come under any child protection issue be allowed to create any report for a family court, irrespective of qualification? Should those people then be allowed to enter any information on another family record called A1 Computerised social record accessed and available to every UK council worker even the receptionist? throughout the UK.

We will also ask the Director General for a review into the staffing policies of the current social services system. The need to populate these positions should come secondary to family and the right to live free....

Would a police officer investigating a crime, go on to ask if the criminal wanted a job?  would the criminal then be invited to work for the police because its relevant experience? No they wouldn't.  Would a criminal be allowed to then record details about someone on the PNC? (police national computer) for anyone in the UK to see?

One person currently working in South Yorkshire is a Senior Manager in the area who had her child removed from her care. The details proved that she had been violent to her partner. Our source states clearly that whilst she was pregnant she jumped onto the bonnet of a moving car where her partner was trying to leave. Then started attacking him. smashing his car up. destroying the windscreen wipers and car, in front of the entire street. Less than 2 years later she was asked onto a degree course that would lead directly to a job in social services.  Whatever are the government creating?  It was during the proceedings, started due to concerns for welfare after birth that this person was asked to work for Social Services. The Social Care degree, funded entirely by a council grant because of a shortage of social workers in 2006.  Then it was common place for social services to ask who they were assessing, if they were interested in a position with the SS. Those people all seem to be female.  Will anyone ask the question why?

We are submitting a subject access request to the Director of Social Services UK to determine, how many people there are, within social services in the united kingdom. Who have been part of their own care proceedings or who have had their own children placed into care whether as a voluntary or forced order. Upon finding those details we will lobby parliament for their immediate removal from there positions, and for all the records they have submitted to be removed from any welfare or council system.

Over the last decade our social services system, child protection, children's services call it what you want =(SS) in the United Kingdom, seems to be giving way, by being overwhelmed with people who are dragged through it. Many are making complaints about the people who are responsible for "getting it right" in an evidence based profession. Many times, groups like fathers for justice among other groups state clearly, and provide irrefutable evidence that the people who are creating the reports for family courts are the people "getting it wrong" leading to our children, facing a family life of abuse from those workers actions.  

The only recourse is for the family to wait until their children become 18, to sue the people responsible, stating reasons for claim are neglect after leaving a child at risk who has suffered significantly after a malicious report was submitted to the courts.

Helping the family make the correct decision for the family, not an individual within the family should be the primary goal and responsibility of anyone who goes into a family offering support. IE Because the man is angry about the wife spending all the rent money on wine or vise versa, doesn't mean the focus is on anger.  it should be focused on wine. In real life, the fact that the social worker likes wine removes the mans reasons for being angry. The truth that is not seen.  The truth that is not reported is that the women had drunk all the food money.  Because the social worker had the same dilemma, she only sees the angry man.  not the reasons!!!  This is the main stay of many of the problems with this current social system.  It is infected with a multitude of different opinion, and is being made worse by the judicial system allowing councils to employ people who are bad for our social systems justice. 

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