Prime Minister Boris Johnson Confronted over EU Budgets for Doncaster

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PM Boris Johnson to ensure Doncaster flood victims receive 15million in EU funding.  Doncaster council received 15 million pound funding to prevent the floods from the EU in 2016. Residents of the recently flooded area hit by the largest flood since records began. 

A local resident stood in the background shouting when are the residents going to receive the 15million pound funding.  The same person asked if the PM could ask Ros Jones mayor of Doncaster to seek an assurance that DMBC would not spend the money on funding a new fleet of electric vehicles that was announced just prior to the floods coming to the areas  of Balby, Kirk Sandle, Fishlake and a number of other local towns to Doncaster. 

The PM aproached the heckler and asked  how he could help. 


The video shows the anger of people with Doncaster council over the small response to what is the areas local major incident.

100 Soldiers appeared overnight, along with military vehicles parked in the car park of the local public houses.  The soldiers are doing a sterling job for the residents.  The soldiers then set about starting to sandbag the levies that have been in place for decades without any improvement.  It is believed that these levies were the ones that should have been added to to prevent this flood.

The PM then gave an assurance that he would ask Ros Jones the mayor  if the entire budget. 15million, along with the 202 million pound budget put in place by DEFRA to be used before 2020. The situation for residents is dia. Especialy with temperatures to drop near freezing over the coming weeks.

The flood waters have just started to move after days of static levels.  Over the coming weeks it is expected to fall.

We asked the policing team attached to the area, if policing had been affected.  An officer confirmed that resouces had been stretched.  This could well have been stopped with preventative measures, that EU funding was in place for.

The PM gave his assurance that he would speak to Ros Jones. Mayor of Doncaster about the budget.  He also said, "the budget should be used for floods".  It should be spent on what it was allocated for. Hopefully the residents of all the areas affected will recover.  Hopefully the local government will reverse its decision to charge full council tax for anyone suffering from the floods.

We also hope that the residents will receive the promised £500 pound per household promised on his visit.

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