DCST. Deceptive removal of children in Doncaster. Shocking Story

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Doncaster Childrens Services Trust. Remove children, now 19, from loan parent father.  Father discovered homework app used by 120,000 South Yorkshire children in academy's. was unsafe for the children of south Yorkshire.

The story that has been revealed, exposes how Doncaster children Services Trust, Kozwell Kuchecca was asked to conduct a report of the faher because of the father going into Rossington All Saints Academy to complain about the app, all children were forced to use during 2014, 2015.  The father asked the school, who were responsible for allowing the use of homework app?  The father an offensive security network and app developer and tester, had found a number of details that meant the app could be misused to observe children on their cameras at home out of school hours,  Childrens microphones could be recorded and childrens voices listened to.  The app could also locate the childrens exact location.

The father had contacted the app developers, to remind them of their moral and legal obligations when dealing with minors.  At that point he made the company aware, that they did not need the extent of permissions, that were being asked for by the homework app, for their app to work.  The father confronted the company, because when the father conducted an investigation into the people who designed the app.  He found that 90 percent of the hundreds of other business they were connected to were gambling companies.  The father even questioned why a company with a huge gambling organisation wanted to design an app for childrens homework.  Thats where the moral reminder came in.

The father then compiled a detailed report with a video demonstrator. Submitted it to  Doncaster Police Child Protection department.  The NSPCC.  Rossington All Saints Academy and Child protection at DCST in Doncaster.

Two weeks later The father received a note that South Yorkshire Police wanted him to attend a psychological evaluation.  At the same time,  Kozwell Kuchecca went to the family home of the father and after two private discussions removed the fathers children stating the father had psychological problems despite not possessing any Psychiatry qualifications.

The father then went to his psychological assessment invitation at the opal center at Tickhill.  In that meeting.  The father demonstrated he was compos mentis and demonstrated what was the problem.  The police had asked for the meeting along with DCST and the SPTA  the academy responsible for the apps implementation in 2014.

By this time the children were in harms way suffering abuse on their own without their main carer even allowed to see them.

All of this complaint was handled by the information commissioner.  The father who knew what the information commissioner was submitted a report.  The same report DCST, Police and NSPCC received.  That report was evaluated.  

It takes a number of months for a complaint to be handled by the information commissioner.  However this parent was adamant that the system in place in Doncaster South Yorkshire had to be stopped.  So made that complaint and waited all whilst his children were being abused in another town. without contact.

5 Months later The father received his response which was.

Thank you for your report and submission about an app, that was used by Rossington All Saints Academy and the SPTA, an academy responsible for schooling in South Yorkshire.  It has been found that The school Rossington All Saints Academy, had breached your privacy, because there was no permissions asked for from the school, prior to the academy providing the app developer ( Private Company) with all the personal detail of your children.  DOB,  AGES, ADDRESSES.  The app that was designed by the originol developer, could be used inappropriately but we believe you have liaise with that developer to remove the parts that could have been offensive for children. so.  Whilst the information commissioner upholds your complaint it feels it can not pursue it any further.

The father then concerntrated on recovering his children that had been illegally removed from his care by Kozwell Kuchecca acting with other people within DSCT because they could not even understand what the father was taking about and chose to remove his children.  The family now seek to redress this issue.


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