DCSTrust. Budget used to keep empty care home open in Doncaster

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Were you in care in the Doncaster?  Promised Funds from Doncaster Children's Services Trust? If you were we would like to hear from you!  Please use the contact form on this website.  Doncaster Children's Services Trust Ltd & DMBC.  Who are responsible for the financing of children in care within the Doncaster area, have been accused of

knowingly allowing care home providers, to claim for vulnerable childrens money, up to five months after leaving care, even though, the residents are clearly no longer living at the care home.  That is fraud in anyone's book. It is also a criminal offense.

Three old residents, of one care home, based in Church Street Old Bentley, left the Care Home.  Yet invoices for their continued residence, submitted by the care home owners,  paid for by DCST Trust Ltd & DMBC. Despite DCST & DMBC having full knowledge that the claimed for children, had left the property.  The children were left in serious state of stress and abandonment, whilst the care home still received their payments. One resident was forced to leave after being starved and was forced to wear clothes that no longer fitted after wearing them for 3 years!

A detailed complaint was sent to DMBC and to Doncasters Mayor about the situation at the home in Bentley Doncaster.  Shortly after, The empty of residents care home was closed as the owners could no longer keep the home open,  If the home had no children in it,  Why were payments being made?

Upon closer scrutiny We asked the old residents. If they had been provided with any funds whilst in care.  All of the old residents say that, "None of the financial assistance available in that document, was given to us when we were living at the home or after. We ask until we are blue in the face but were constantly ignored".  "The staff were interested in one thing and one thing alone. Money".  "We argued daily about the grants available, that we were not getting, but they just ignored us all.  We had no clothes, despite DCST document sayng we had a right to these funds and those funds"." We were left in rags and hardly ate because the food was shocking".

In 2018 The document compiled by Nevil Brown at DCST, was listed on DCST website https://www.doncasterchildrenstrust.co.uk/sites/default/files/Financial%20Guidelines%202017-18.pdf  

What is promised in that document is not what is available, according to Nevil Brown. We did do a little research into Nevil Brown prior to meeting him and was shocked to see the man who had compiled this document, weilding a riffle aimed out of a window over a roadway, on his Facebook profile.  A great example of leadership in a trust for children in care.  Looks can be misleading so in 2018 We had a meeting with Nevil brown and Frank Colly, to ask what a child in care is entitled to, along with what finance was available now.  In our hands we had the document and went through page by page.  Asking on each section if those funds were still available.  Neville Brown  at the Trust told us, that we had read it wrong. In fact no money is available.  Frank Colly who also works at DCST, was one of the adult workers who look after children when they reach 18.  They are then looked after until they are 21. We asked frank Colly what finance was available to the care leaver present at the meeting.

We held that meeting in DCST offices in Doncaster with us we had one of the care leavers a looked after child.  Frank Colly had said that "money was available" in that meeting, but, despite asking for almost a year, the looked after child was left without anything that was promised in that document.  No clothes. No grants.  No support. No driving License. No passport.  No nothing.  No help with housing either.  Just an endless refusal to help.

We were actually waiting to be proved wrong, and that vulnerable children would get what they were entiitled to before we made our own decision on what was happening at DCST.  So after waiting for a year!  After seeing the requests made and after being aware that no finance in three cases was provided. 48 refusals to access those funds.  We along with the care leavers, can only conclude that in these cases.  Doncaster Childrens Services Trust would prefer to spend their budgets on empty Care Homes to keep their colleagues in work rather than use the money for what is intended. To help children in Care and Looked after children.

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