Humberside Police face £1.5 million pound claim from family

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Humberside police today received a £1.5 million compensation claim from a ex family of Humberside, They say police actions, forced them to move and live

elsewhere other than face the constant aggressive actions of Humberside Police C division from Priory Road. 

The family who want to remain anonymous, was subject to an armed arrest in Scotland whilst on holiday, by anti terrorism unit and tactical firearms squad, all from an apparent anonymous call through crime stoppers.   At the time Humberside police gold commander authorised a hard stop of his vehicle on 23rd july 2011, whilst they were travelling home.  It is believed that Humberside Police, mallicously used authorisation for a hard stop, without the appropriate consideration, and evidence.  This is believed to have been done after a failed attempt weeks before, by Humberside Police to convict him in Hull Crown Court for sec 47 child assault. The case in Crown Court was thrown out after the judge ordered no case to answer. No evidence.  If the police had used their "Unused" evidence it was clear that the person was not guilty of the accusations.

The only evidence was taken from an ex partner, who was trying to escape conviction for assaulting his son.  With evidence from a female who had only been in a relationship with him for a number of months. That person was in fact the person who had assaulted His Son.  During Humberside polices first investigation the police also sent the anonymous person "child porn" using cohersion methods that are only legal if a person is accused of a sexual crime.  The person states the reason for his claim, is because of a profound change to life immediatley after and since these incidents.  Complaints were made and ignored. But.  A claim for compensation was made by another individual for damage to a property during the same incident.  That person stated quite clearly in 2011 that this persons claim for compensation would be submitted at a later time when the full extent of the injures could be accounted for.  The family have suffered complex post traumatic stress disorder since that incident.  The finer detail show a consistent effort by persons within Humberside police, to incarcerate an innocent person, using personal opinion and anger, of individuals responsible for providing a fair investigation.  His interview at the time was aggressive by police officers investigating the allegations of child assault.  During the first investigation he had to face false allegations of rape. forced digital penertration,  threats to kill and child assault all manufactured from a malicious ex partner in an attempt to maliciously return his children to the birth mom, The female who now lives in Liversedge, had lied to stop being prosecuted for smashing his sons head on a tiled floor for over twenty minutes, until the father returned and dragged her off his son by her hair and threw her out of their house.  

During the initial investigation Social Services and Police removed the lone parents son and daughter from the womens allegations alone.  Then exposed them to signficant harm for a whole year, before a neighboring social services department intervened and over ruled, Humbersides police and social services decisions, returning the children to his care.  His Son once out of harm, immediatley made a statement to The Same humberside police officers, Stating. "She threw me to the floor, then sat on my stomach. She was holding both my ears  in both of her hands and was banging the back of my head off a tiled floor, all whilst screaming in my face, nose to nose. Then dad came in and dragged her off me". His son has suffered tremendously.  It has had a profound effect on living life free.  The family, father son and daughter, then were forced to move to France to get away from the negative atention Humberside Police were giving the family. After receiving a constant stream of stalking allegations by the women who had in fact assaulted a member of his family.

During all of this horrific incident the father was placed in handcuffs in front of his children and watched as their father was calmly placed in a police van and taken away.  The children were then immediatly placed into the care of a this women from advice of humberside police and social services.  From that time the women continued to abuse the children not feeding them for days.  This continued untill the women gave the children back to the birth mother under the noses of Humberside Police and Humberside Social Services. Against the order of Family courts ruling of a prohibited steps order.

Humberside Police have been accused of stereotyping aggressors.  The police were told that the women in question had assaulted the Son.  yet humberside police refused to prosecute the women despite the son making a clear statement.  The decision to proceed was made at sergeant level and not at the required inspector level.  Which is currently the process of deciding weather a person should be interviewed.  The Father feels that Humberside Police are refusing to prosecute because it will highlight the the flaws in their procedures.

Justice is ulltimatley what the family are after.  The figure 1.5 million pounds s a huge amount.  The family lived trouble free in North Hull for a number of years.  Without any police attention up until the father started a new relationship after being single for over 5 years. He won residence of his children from an unmarried mother after proving the children and father were seriously abused by the birth mother.  The police in a social services review meeting, accused the father of 17 incidents of domestic violence.  The father, whilst facing the full wrath of an aggressive police force, told the police to retire from the meeting and collect all the information on file about these incidents.  Upon their return they had to apologise.  The facts were, that it was in fact the father that had suffered 17 incidents of severe domestic violence.

£1.5 million is for the extreme stress and psychological damage, neglect and systematic abuse by police officers at Humberside police for failing to investigate without bias an assault of a minor now eighteen.  The total devastation to life, total devastation to his children, total devastation to relationships, total devastation of family life. The family has had no peace in this time.  The family have not been allowed to live free which is against the protection of freedoms act 2012.

The women in question then went on the attack.  She made a yell account and named the father in reviews on his business stating he was a child abuser and kiddy fiddler.  A rapist.  That also had a profound effect on business.  The father has tried to prosecute the women for perverting the course of justice and for wasting police time. But Humberside Police are not interested in any prosecution of that nature.

Global have seen evidence that supports the fact this women targeted this family for money and money alone.  The father at the time of the incident was a director of a company that generated a six figure salary for his family.  The women prior to the allegations had downloaded residence forms from a computer, undeleted after his false imprisonment.  Upon the fathers initial release a letter of threat was left, forcing the father to go guilty and suggesting that other things would happen if her demands were not answered.  A Nutts magazine was left at the same family home, that had been doctored with images of the women celotaped over models faces with the genitalia on those pictures destroyed.  suggesting the father would not have another relationship.  Other sensitive evidence has been seen that also confirms the womens intent.  An aferdavid statement was recorded by a solicitor confirming the presence of these documents and the threat letter but the police were un interested.  Also present is a statement from the Son who confirms it was in fact This women who had assaulted him.  He states "Dad saved me" then they arrested him in front of me and my sister.  The son also states that the women who had made false allegations was forcing him to say his father had hit him or face never seeing him again.  "If you say your dad hit you.  You will get to see him."

The claim has finally been submitted now that authorities have identified the cause of C-PTSD has been caused by a systematic attack on the family using extreme measured violence in the form of firearms. A Responsible police force failing in their duty of care.......  

The police did recieve a complaint from the family, but humberside police say they acted appropriatley.  The family intend on proving that the police acted with Bias which created a profound damaging effect on life.  The family have asked for a freedom of information request numerous times, but all requests that have been made have been ignored. One email that was received from a Seargent Mark Ormiston during the Incident stated "TELL SOMEONE WHO CARES"

The family. After 8 years are back together after facing damage from another authority because of false reports on the family record.  If the Police do not compensate the family, for the damage their actions caused. The Police will be prosecuted for the actions in this case using the documentary evidence provided at crown court in a failed case. Also using a forced security release of information through the information commissioner.  At the same time requesting a review into humberside polices practices


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