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With the British Public and Government growing increasly concerned, about its property being seized by an islamic terrorist organisation from Iran. English Commanders  are making plans to send in our Astute class of Nuclear Stealth Attack Submarines.  The Astute class are the latest class of nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) in service with the Royal Navy.  The class sets a new standard for the Royal Navy in terms of weapons load, communication facilities and stealth. The Submarines have been in operation

before.  We all watched some of the 300 Tomahawk cruise missiles being launched from it's deck during its last engagement.  The Astute class nuclear submarines are a carrier for the deadly accurate Tomahawk Cruise Missile , that can respond to threats over 1000 kilometers away.  It also carries the Formidable Spearfish Heavyweight Long Range Torpedos.

Video The Astute Class Nuclear Submarine

In a typical undersea engagement, Spearfish will run out wire-guided to the general vicinity of the target and then conduct a covert passive search. The high-capacity guide wire system, specifically designed to match the Spearfish's manoeuvre and speed envelope, provides two-way data exchange between the torpedo and launch submarine, maximising the submarine's organic sensor and combat control capabilities. 

Once at close range the Spearfish uses active sonar to classify and home in on its target. High-power transmissions and sophisticated signal processing enable Spearfish to accurately discriminate targets from background noise and ensure high resistance to acoustic countermeasures and/or evasive manoeuvres. Should Spearfish fail to hit the target on its first attack, it automatically selects an appropriate re-attack mode until it successfully concludes the engagement.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said UK vessels "must and will be protected". During an emergency call with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Mr Hunt said he "expressed extreme disappointment that having assured me last Saturday Iran wanted to de-escalate the situation they have behaved in the opposite way".

He added: "This has to be about actions, not words, if we are to find a way through. British shipping must and will be protected." The 7,400-ton submarines,  are Britain's newest, they will be able to plot movements and voice transmissions from 200 miles away. Its electronic warfare suite can intercept and download all conversations with specialist linguists onboard.

They can evaluate the transmission and report back to naval headquarters, Sources say it will focus its attention on the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, and the flotilla of so-called midget submarines which pose an increasing threat to international shipping along the Strait of Hormuz.

The Fleet will assemble somewhere in the gulf in the coming days.  it may well already be heading for the region,' said a senior Royal Navy source last night. "Its role is a covert intelligence posture, simply gathering information to support the planned escort convoys of tankers.  It is also a stealthy first strike system with devastating potential. 

If the Iranians are trying to use these tactics to improve their negotiating odds, they need to seriously consider the role they are taking and the potential for conflict should they make anymore steps that break international law where British interests are affected.


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