Watch live: NOAA’s deep-sea expedition to canyons off U.S., Canada

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Starting August 28, join NOAA and our partners virtually on the Deep Connections 2019 expedition to explore unknown deep-water areas off the U.S.

and Canadian east coasts. Tune in to live video broadcasts of dives as deep as 2 miles (3,200 meters) below the sea surface and see what the scientists see and when they see it — sometimes for the first time.

Scientists aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to explore the region’s diverse habitats and geological features. This expedition will focus on submarine canyons and seamounts. A wide variety of marine animals call these canyons and seamounts their home, some that likely have never been seen before.

What is this deep-sea expedition about?

Animals in the ocean don’t recognize geopolitical borders. The Deep Connections 2019 expedition connects scientists and managers from the United States and Canada (and some from Europe, too) to work together to further our understanding of the North Atlantic as a whole and of how populations of deep-sea species are related across geographically separated locales.

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The details: Mark your calendars

Purpose and scope of Deep Connections 2019

Led by the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, this expedition will provide critical deep-water data needed to maintain the health of our ocean, sustainably manage our marine resources and build a better appreciation of the value and importance of the ocean in our everyday lives. 

It’s also expected to contribute to the growth of our nation’s Blue Economy, which includes the resources and services the ocean provides that are important to the nation’s overall economy: seafood production, tourism and recreation, marine transportation, coastal resilience and ocean exploration.



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