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A hacker accessed a family's Ring security camera and told their 8-year-old daughter he was Santa Claus. Someone gained access to the Ring security camera of a family and used the speaker feature to harass their 8-year-old daughter

Its a hackers paradise. Are you Vulnerable

Gaining Access

There are a number of ways a hacker can target any of your systems, networks and devices. Here are a few methods that someone intent on hacking you can use to invade your life, business and personal information.  Follow the guide lines below to reduce the chances of you becoming a target

The history of hacking and how to stop it. How it happens


For those of us who are old enough to remember, when we had a computer come into our homes as kids.  The eighties generation.  The generation of people who only had four TV channels on a black and white TV.  A telephone with a dial, that was connected to a mechanical network.  Computers in our houses, took the form of basic games

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