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A new observational study finds a link between the consumption of sugary drinks, including 100% fruit juices, and the risk of cancer.

Drinks that are 100% made from fruit with no added sugar may have a link to cancer risk, a new study finds. For some time now, researchers have been linking sugary drinks with a wide range of health risks. Obesity, type two diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are only some conditions that previous studies have associated with sweetened drinks.

Some studies in rodents have suggested that the added sugar in soft drinks can drive the spread of cancer and fuel tumor growth. Now, new research further explores the link between sugary drinks and cancer. The observational study, appearing in The BMJ, finds an association between high intake of sugary drinks and cancer.  Chazelas, from the Sorbonne Paris City Epidemiology and Statistics Research Center in France, is the first author of the study. Studying sugary drinks and cancer risk Chazelas and team examined the links between the intake of sugary drinks and various forms of cancer in 101,257 French adults aged 42 years, on average.

The researchers obtained the data from the NutriNet-Santé study. The drinks they examined included “sugar-sweetened beverages” such as soft drinks, syrups, fruit drinks, 100% fruit juices without any added sugar, milk-based sugary drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks. The researchers also considered artificially-sweetened drinks, that is, “all beverages containing non nutritive sweeteners, such as diet soft drinks, sugar-free syrups, and diet milk-based beverages.”


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