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Ownership & Funding Information

Global News and Media Organisation LTD, Company Number 12137615, is a registered Limited company covered by the laws of England & Wales.

Our full registered address is Unit 24 Highcroft Industrial Estate, Enterprise Road, Waterlooville, PO8 0BT, United Kingdom.  Contact can be made with us with any concerns through our website

The Ownership Structure of Global News and Media Organisation is 100 shares of which 100 shares are owned by Nigel Jones.

The Editor- In- Chief of Global News and Media Organisation ltd is Nigel Jones.

Global News and Media Organisation Ltd is the owner of the Facebook Page Global News and Media Organisation Ltd, The Twitter account @NewsGnm and the YouTube Channel Global News Media.  A professional profile and business page can also be found on LinkedIn  under the company name Global News and Media Organisation Ltd

Global News and Media Organistaion Ltd is the sole owner of Subscribers of both Facebook chat subscribers and registered e-mail subscribers.

Capital for Global News Media is provided by Nigel Jones. With funding from the website Global News and Media Organisation Ltd does not accept donations of funding from any politically motivated company, person or organisation.  Donations are only accepted by none publishers,  lay people and members of the public.  Those people are checked for any political envolvement prior to donations being accepted.

Global News and Media Organisation. funds its website by non intrusive advertisements that are selected by Google.  Ads may appear on our website that are personalised in accordance with requests the user may have accepted with their own Google preferences. Financial,  Property and Investment advertisements are banned  on our platform


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