Donald Trump doll goes on sale

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A recent video posted on Facebook, showing a doll of President Donald Trump repeating some of his famous comments, is going viral.  You will not believe what this doll comes out with.  "Im the smartest guy I know"  "Dont touch the hair!" !Im going to make America great again" 

You will not believe what this little $10 toy comes out with its hilarious.  A friend was given the doll as a gift and posted a short video of him playing with it.  "We couldn't believe when we looked and it had got to over a million views over night." 

It was released just after the stopping of president Trumps Recordings were stopped being released after his voice provided supporters and haters with content for Memes.

I'm sure the video would bring about a smile on anyone's face.  The comedy factor alone of a countries president is what makes this humorous.  Not the fact it is President Trump.


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