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Today in the video: 01:05 - Occurred on September 21, 2018 / Columbus, Indiana, USA "I was driving down Interstate 65 North in Indianapolis, Indiana and I noticed the two in front of me start exchanging words. I thought to myself, this is gonna get interesting, so I whipped out my phone to start recording. I heard the guy pulling the trailer had tried to run the jeep off the road a 1/2 mile back." 01:27 - Occurred on September 12, 2018 / Chicago, Illinois, USA "Black truck crashed the car and was following him because his

Dog the Bounty Hunter honored his late wife Beth Chapman at a memorial service in Aurora, Colo. on Saturday. During an emotional and tear-filled speech, the TV star recounted their life together. From recalling the moment he met his wife to speaking about their pre-fame days, Dog covered it all. He also spoke about her many achievements, including her work as a lobbyist, and her commitment to her faith."I cannot believe that she's gone," Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, said at one point.

Scarlett Johanson Plays Transgender Asian


Scarlett Johansson defends right to play transgender and Asian characters amid criticism, Scarlett Johansson believes she can play whoever or whatever she wants as she is an actor. Scarlett Johansson has doubled down on her insistence that actors can take on any role after she was criticised for portraying a transgender character in the film Rub & Tug. Many felt that the role should have gone to a transgender performer in a bid to increase diversity in Hollywood; their complaints came on the back of

All weddings are glorious and beautiful. Truly! All of them! But whether you spend years or months or days planning yours, something is bound to go wrong. Sometimes, though, those things end up making the day even more perfect than you could've hoped for. With that, I give you a few of the most glorious, viral wedding and proposal "fails" of all time. This is what not to expect on that perfect day that you have prepared for for years.  But as it has happened we all think you should have a damn good time watching these fails.

Donald Trump doll goes on sale


A recent video posted on Facebook, showing a doll of President Donald Trump repeating some of his famous comments, is going viral.  You will not believe what this doll comes out with.  "Im the smartest guy I know"  "Dont touch the hair!" !Im going to make America great again" 

Vinnie Jones to compete in X Factor


Legendary footballer, actor and celebrity hard man Vinnie Jones is set to appear in the X Factor: Celebrity live shows, it has been revealed.

The fully-interactive Doctor Who VR game ‘The Edge Of Time’  Watch The Trailer, it's arriving in September. Following the recent reveal of the animated VR experience Doctor Who: The Runaway, a new cinematic, feature-length Doctor Who VR videogame is coming this September. Published by PlayStack and developed by Maze Theory, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time will transport fans into a globally-beloved world of aliens, mystery and wonder, letting them embark on a brand-new and fully-interactive

You will not believe what human beings get up to when they are just chilling out.  Some of the funniest fails come from the most innocent of moments.  Young, Old.  It makes no difference to the viewer. If you have done something you have recorded on film that needs to be aired please send us your footage. Its all worth a laugh in the name of Comedy. 

Ever wondered what would happen if you set up your under age daughter up as if she were pregnant to watch the publics reaction.  This Video is a scream the look on peoples face when the youngster pretends to go into labour is epic.  Recorded as a just for fun video we couldnt get over how considerate yet gullable the public were in this recording.  Dont worry. The young girl is not pregnant but wait untill you see who comes to pick her up.  This had us all at Global in stitches.  We thought we should share it with you

The series uses a hidden camera format, playing pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture the subjects' responses; each episode presents multiple gags. While some segments have included brief dialogue, most do not contain any sound or dialogue; the audio is replaced with sound effects, a laugh track, and public domain music.  Most segments are filmed in Quebec, Montreal and Vancouver, while some have been filmed in Mexico. British and Asian versions have been produced in the UK and

She refused to give him "Her" number because He was deaf and She insulted Him on the phone! See what she did when She knew He got $5 Million then things change and all of a suden hes the best thing since sliced bread.  They sometimes call girls like this gold diggers but what happens is just brilliant.  We were all in sticheswhen we saw her reaction to the truth.  Some women do, some women dont as i believe the saying goes.  If you like our video on our website please like and subscribe at the bottom of the page

TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Animals Compilation July 2019 - Why Cats Are Scared of Water Welcome back to Life Awesome with series Funny Animals Video. This one contains some of hilarious footages about Cats, who are really scared of water. Enjoy the weekend! NOTE: This is NOT harmful or abused video. If you think it is, please stop watching and leave the video instead of spending time commenting. Thank you ▽ Link Video: ▽ Subscribe: ▽ Email:

I've probably been asked that question more than any other. Everybody says, 'So what makes a film a classic?' And the answer to that is, I don't know. It really depends," Mankiewicz explains. "What I do know is that if you're arguing about it, then I think we're doing our job. This question is supposed to be argued over, and it's supposed to be argued over passionately." Below, "The Essentials" host breaks down his argument for what makes a classic, what that label means,

YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous is married! The 27-year-old Canadian beauty influencer and activist, who became even more famous in 2013 after coming out as a transgender woman, has wed Nats Getty. Gigi, aka Giselle Loren Lazzarato, wed the 26-year-old model, fashion designer and LGBTQ+ activist, aka Natalia Williams, on Friday in a beachfront wedding at the Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, California.

Ahhh, the long vacation. At last, examinations and coursework assessments are behind us and we are finally permitted to relax. Well, with the slight aside of vacation reading that is.

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