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Global News & Media Organisation Ltd

Founded in 2019 to support the interests of News that is true, in the face of a tsunami of fake news reports. Global News is and always will be, a publication of sometimes radical opinion with a reverence for facts. It is yet to be established as one of the world's most authoritative and influential publications.

Editorial independence lies at the heart of Global News & Media. The constitution of the company does not permit any individual or organisation to gain a majority shareholding. The Editor is  independent of political and proprietorial influences. The respect accorded to Global's journalists, because of their independence, is such that they enjoy access to political and business leaders who make the news and whose views can illuminate what is happening, or is about to happen.

Global News is different from other publications because it has no by-lines. It is written anonymously because it is a paper whose collective voice and personality matter more than the identities of individual journalists. This ensures a continuity of tradition and consistency of view which few other publications can match.

Although Global News is published daily in an online magazine format, it is called a newspaper because it covers news as well as opinion and works to a newspaper deadline. Great care is taken to ensure its topicality, so much of its editorial is rewritten up to the moment of going to press late on Thursday in the UK,Europe, Asia and the USA. All Complaints, suggestions or editorial conflicts can be reported using the contact form above.

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Editorial Team.

Nigel Jones (Editor)  Appointed Director in 2019, having joined the company when it was created. Previously Managing Director of G20, corporate development director for national industries. Specialist in Offensive security. Programming. Linux, python scripting.  Author of Between the Beats.  Responsible for ethics and fact checking at Global News & Media Ltd.   Trustmark Contact. Contact Email.

Xavia Dante (Publisher) Xavia joined Global News when it was formed.  He is also responsible for business development. policies and procedures including HR at Global. Xavia has held a number of senior corperate positions prior to becoming Publisher for Global News & Media. Contact Email

Jasmine Fox (Senior researcher) Jasmine has come on board whilst she completes her Media degree. now into her final year Jasmines contribution to the business has been a great experience.  Jasmine is responsible for ensuring all material complies with Global's strict publication compliance rules.  Contact Email

Jordan Jones (Chief digital officer). Before joining the Global in July, 2019, he was senior technology director at Bytes and previously chief design architect at G20Contact Email.


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